Class Descriptions

Ground Lesson 
This safety class is encouraged for all beginning students or students new to Capricorn before participating in group lessons. Students will learn and are shown how to be safe around horses as well as grooming techniques, saddling and bridling. Ground lessons are incorporated into the first class of each Beginning session, and can be scheduled for new students who will be joining a Continuing class.

This class is an introduction to horseback riding, focusing on riding fundamentals―walking, trotting, halting, and basic horse control. The class emphasizes safety and allowing students to become comfortable on horseback. Depending on how the student progresses, the instructor may suggest they take the beginning class a second session before advancing to the Continuing I level.

Continuing 1 
Continuing I builds on the fundamentals taught in the Beginning class and incorporates more pattern work to help students coordinate reins and seat and develop better control. There is more riding at the trot and canter in this class. Students must be able to saddle and bridle with little to no assistance (Instructors will always do an equipment check prior to riding.) and be able to effectively and safely maneuver their horse at the trot and canter without relying on patterns before advancing to Continuing II.

Continuing 2 
Continuing II assumes students can sit a trot and canter without losing their balance or the horse breaking gait. Students are introduced to more technical instruction and as the class's riding progresses, advanced patterns may be incorporated into the lessons.

Intermediate/advanced riders can mount without assistance, walk, trot, canter, knows what diagonal or lead they are on, and can stop the horse from any gait. Circling and more difficult pattern work may be incorporated. As students progress, instructors will incorporate more horse training techniques into the lessons. Students can only ride in this class after recommendation from their instructor and approval from Chad Easterling.

Capricorn Equestrian

Located in Nevada Texas, Capricorn is a school of horsemanship offering year-round horseback riding programs including group lessons for adults and children, spring break and summer camps, holiday camps, scout troop clinics, birthday parties, and much more!

For more than 40 years Capricorn Equestrian has offered horseback riding lessons for beginners to advanced riders.

We are a full service training and learning facility located on 10 acres, serving the communities in and near Nevada, Lavon, Farmersville, Rockwall, Wylie, and Sachse. Our facilities feature a 21,000 sq. ft. barn complete with a 15,000 sq. ft indoor arena.

Riding Lessons

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